Akoophen is a creative and experienced voice over talents, musicians, sound engineers and artists company. We can provide you with a wide array of services, ranging from voice over, sound design, soundtrack production, to cover and karaoke production, thanks to our vast collective experience in the multimedia domain.

Thanks to our creativity and acquired knowledge, we will guide you in creating and emphasize your own audio identity. Our team can produce high quality content for your movies or TV shows, corporate films, advertising, radio jingles and video games.

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We offer the following services :


VOICE OVER - We offer voice over services in over 30 languages, such as English, French, Russian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, etc, cutting costs by avoiding any complicated multilingual casting process.

SOUNDTRACKS - Whether you are a label, an indie artist or a songwriter, our team will achieve and enhance your creations. Our musicians, composers and arrangers will meet all your expectations. With their vast experience, they will guide you ....


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SOUND DESIGN - Looking for soundtracks on your clips, an unique and catchy audio identity for your brand, or even jingle on your radio or TV shows? Our experienced and talented team of sound designers, sound engineers, voice talents and musicians....

COVER KARAOKE - You need your karaoke catalog to be produced? We provide turnkey services, from music production to text syncing. Our team accurately produces covers from any title you seek, regardless of the style. Whether you need an instrumental version....