About us

Akoophen was founded in 2013 by two sound engineers and voice talents, to meet an increasing demand in audio services, especially voice over and sound track production services.

Our policy is simple as that : quality audio content adapted to your budget, delivered just on demand.

Akoophen is the guarantee of :

  • Quality and fast turnaround
  • Fair and consistent prices
  • No hidden costs

Meet our team :

Marie-Dominique LECOQUIERRE


Musician since ever, I have always appreciated being surrounded with music and sounds.

I've worked in the movie industry for years in Paris. I also am a musician (piano, singing).

Today I'm glad to be part of the Akoophen Team, and to bring you my knowledges. I guess it all sounds good !!


Project manager


Passionate about music since my very early years, and raised by a radio host and a pianist, music and sound have always been natural to me.

Drummer, bass player, DAW programmer, I've been listening and playing music since ever. No wonder  what career could best fit my profile, it would obviously be related to the audio industry!!

I graduated ESRA ISTS - sound engineer bachelor's degree in 2004. I've then worked as a sound engineer and voice talent in industry-leading studios, in France, England and Morocco, collaborating to projects for customers such as SONY Music, CANAL+, Microsoft...

With over ten years of successful experience in the multimedia industry, I'm now glad to bring you my skills and savoir faire through Akoophen.